Breaking the Chains: How Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” Became an Anthem for Empowerment

A Star on the Rise: Dua Lipa’s Journey

Born on August 22, 1995, in London, Dua Lipa has quickly risen to fame in the music industry. The daughter of Kosovar-Albanian parents, she was introduced to various genres of music from an early age, sparking her passion for the art form. Her father was a large influence on her musical taste, introducing her to the likes of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Radiohead.

At just 15 years old, she left her family behind and moved to London to pursue a career in music. It wasn’t long before Dua Lipa caught the attention of Warner Music Group, and in 2015, she signed a deal with the label. With a unique, sultry voice and an undeniable charisma, Dua Lipa quickly became a force to be reckoned with.

“New Rules”: A Smash Hit

Dua Lipa’s “New Rules,” released on July 21, 2017, became an instant hit. It debuted on the UK Singles Chart at number 75, but quickly climbed to the top, eventually peaking at number 1. This achievement made Dua Lipa the first female solo artist to reach the top of the UK charts since Adele in 2015.

The song was written by Caroline Ailin, Emily Warren, and Ian Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick is an established songwriter and producer, having worked with artists such as Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and Jason Derulo. The song is a pop and tropical house blend, with a tempo of 116 beats per minute, and is written in the key of A minor, using the chords Am, F, G, and C throughout the song. The structure consists of verses, pre-choruses, choruses, and a bridge, giving it a modern pop feel.

The Iconic Music Video

The music video for “New Rules,” directed by Henry Scholfield, has garnered over 2.3 billion views on YouTube as of September 2021. The video features a group of women supporting and empowering one another as they navigate the ups and downs of relationships. Scholfield’s stunning visuals, combined with Dua Lipa’s captivating presence, helped propel the song to new heights.

Awards and Accolades

“New Rules” has earned numerous awards and nominations, including a Brit Award for British Single of the Year in 2018, and an MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography the same year. It was also nominated for the International Song of the Year at the 2018 NRJ Music Awards.

Covers, Remakes, and Media Appearances

The popularity of “New Rules” has led to numerous covers and remixes, including an acoustic version by Dua Lipa herself, as well as renditions by various artists such as the Pentatonix and Sarah Close. The infectious tune has also made its way into TV shows like “Riverdale” and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Lyrics and Meaning

One, don’t pick up the phone
You know he’s only calling ’cause he’s drunk and alone
Two, don’t let him in
You’ll have to kick him out again
Three, don’t be his friend
You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him

I got new rules, I count ’em
I got new rules, I count ’em
I gotta tell them to myself
I got new rules, I count ’em
I gotta tell them to myself

The lyrics of “New Rules” serve as a guide for those trying to get over a toxic ex. The empowering anthem resonated with listeners worldwide, as it addressed the struggles of breaking free from unhealthy relationships. In a time where self-love and mental health are becoming increasingly important topics, “New Rules” struck a chord with its message of strength and independence, solidifying Dua Lipa’s status as a role model for generations to come.

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