East 17’s “It’s Alright”: The Ultimate Throwback to the ’90s British Pop Scene

East 17 | It’s Alright

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Exploring the depths of East 17’s standout track

Diving into East 17’s timeless fusion of pop and rap with the Ivor Novello-winning hit “It’s Alright” that defined a generation of music lovers.

Emerging from the early ’90s UK music scene, East 17 is a band that commands attention and respect for their unique blend of pop and rap influences. Formed in Walthamstow, London in 1991, the band was initially comprised of Tony Mortimer, Terry Coldwell, John Hendy, and Brian Harvey. With the perfect combination of chart-topping singles and electrifying performances, East 17 quickly became one of the most successful British boy bands of the decade. A key component to their meteoric rise to fame is undoubtedly their 1993 hit single “It’s Alright.”

Given its release on their debut album “Walthamstow,” “It’s Alright” demonstrated East 17’s ability to deliver memorable and catchy melodies wrapped in a pop and rap package. The track itself features a pulsating beat, infectious synth riffs, and a rap verse that solidified the band’s versatility as a pop act with an edge. The thought-provoking message of love and unity in the lyrics resonated with listeners and helped thrust the song into the limelight.

Tony Mortimer, the primary songwriter of the group, received the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for his songwriting abilities in 1994. This accomplishment speaks volumes about the level of talent that East 17 possessed and their lasting impact on the music industry. However, it’s important to address some of the controversies that have surrounded the band throughout their career. Brian Harvey’s antics, including his infamous departure from the group in 1997, temporarily cast a shadow over the band’s legacy, but their accomplishments and fan base have endured despite these setbacks.

East 17 underwent several lineup changes over the years, with only Terry Coldwell and John Hendy remaining as constants. However, the band’s legacy has remained intact, with numerous compilation albums and an impressive 18 million records sold worldwide. The enduring success of “It’s Alright” illustrates the timelessness of their music and the impact that East 17 has had on a generation of listeners.

While it’s essential to acknowledge the lows, it’s also important to recognize the heights East 17 achieved throughout their career. Songs like “It’s Alright” stand as a testament to the creative vision of the band members and their ability to craft memorable, engaging music that continues to resonate with fans today.

Charting the Success

East 17’s “It’s Alright” conquers the ’90s music scene with impressive global chart positions and gold certification, remaining an enduring pop classic.

“It’s Alright” by East 17 was released on 28 November 1993 as the seventh single from their debut album, Walthamstow. Following its release, the song quickly gained traction, and it became one of the band’s most successful tracks, both commercially and critically.

“It’s Alright” had an impressive initial chart position, as it debuted at number 12 on the UK Singles Chart. The song continued to climb the charts, eventually reaching its peak position of number 3 in December 1993. It held onto this spot for several weeks, making it a memorable hit during the festive season.

The chart success of “It’s Alright” wasn’t limited to the UK. The song also made waves internationally, entering the top 10 in several countries including Australia, where it peaked at number 5, and Ireland, where it reached number 4. Moreover, the track landed in the top 20 on the charts in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland.

In addition to its impressive chart positions, “It’s Alright” achieved Gold certification in the UK, with over 400,000 copies sold. This achievement is a testament to the song’s popularity and enduring appeal.

An interesting piece of chart trivia about “It’s Alright” comes from its inclusion in two separate charity compilation albums. In 1994, the song was featured on the “Hits 93 Volume 4” compilation, which raised funds for the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre. Later, in 2010, the track was included in a compilation album called “Britpack: 90s UK Britpop,” showcasing the best of British music from that decade.

In summary, “It’s Alright” by East 17 has undoubtedly left its mark on the music charts, both in the UK and internationally. The song’s impressive peak chart positions and its inclusion in charity compilations further highlight its success and lasting impact on the music scene.

Diving Deeper into the Lyrics of “It’s Alright”

Don’t you worry, it’s alright
Don’t you worry, it’s alright
Don’t you worry, child of the night
‘Cos in the morning,
Come with the new day’s sun
If you can’t be wrong,
Don’t you worry, it’s alright

East 17’s song “It’s Alright” speaks volumes about the mentality and the spirit of the era it was written in. Released in 1993, the lyrics of the song reflect the sense of optimism and positivity that was prevalent during that time. The 90s were a time of great change and upheaval, both culturally and politically, and “It’s Alright” captures this essence perfectly.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, with the central message being reassurance and the idea that everything will be okay. This theme is repeated throughout the song, with the line “Don’t you worry, it’s alright” acting as the pillar on which the song’s message stands. The song speaks directly to the listener, addressing them as a “child of the night,” possibly reflecting the uncertainty and darkness that people can face in their lives. The lyrics suggest that despite the challenges and difficulties we may face, things will eventually work out.

In terms of its connection to the events and spirit of the time, the song reflects the optimism that accompanied the end of the Cold War and the dawning of a new era. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the world experienced a renewed sense of hope and positivity. “It’s Alright” embodies this feeling, with its upbeat melody and reassuring lyrics providing the perfect soundtrack for a time when people were looking forward to better days ahead.

Overall, the lyrics of “It’s Alright” serve as a gentle reminder that no matter how difficult or challenging life may seem, there is always hope and the possibility of a better tomorrow. Reflecting the spirit of the 90s and the optimism that defined the era, East 17’s song continues to resonate with listeners to this day, offering a message of reassurance and positivity that is both timeless and inspirational.

Delving Into the Visuals: “It’s Alright” Music Video

“East 17’s ‘It’s Alright’ music video: a visually captivating urban journey skillfully crafted by renowned directors Giwa and Pasquini that perfectly mirrors the song’s infectious energy.”

The music video for “It’s Alright” by East 17 is a memorable one, adding visual depth to an already energetic and uplifting song. Directed by the talented Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini, who have also worked on music videos for popular artists like Nelly Furtado, Sugababes, and Jamiroquai, the video superbly captures the essence of the song and showcases the charisma of the band members.

Production details reveal that the music video was shot over two days on location in London, acquiring impressive shots that provide a backdrop to the narrative of the video. With a moderate budget, Giwa and Pasquini were able to create a visually appealing and engaging music video. The video features a mix of urban landscapes and fast-paced choreography, with the band members dancing and singing throughout various locations in the city, including the iconic London Tube.

One of the highlights of the video is the creative use of lighting to add a dynamic visual effect. As the song ramps up, the video introduces vibrant and pulsating colors that sync seamlessly with the beat, creating a captivating atmosphere. This visual approach complements the infectious energy of the song and keeps the viewer engaged throughout.

Apart from the official music video, fans of East 17 and “It’s Alright” have also shared their love for the song through various fan-made videos and YouTube tributes. These fan creations often feature homemade compilations of live performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and personal interpretations of the song. This only goes to show the impact of East 17’s music on their fans and the lasting influence of their songs, particularly “It’s Alright.”

In conclusion, the music video for “It’s Alright” by East 17 is an excellent accompaniment to the track, providing a visual representation of the song’s energy and spirit. The combination of the band’s charisma, creative direction, and engaging visuals make the video a memorable and enjoyable watch for fans and newcomers alike.

The Creative Genius Behind “It’s Alright”

Tony Mortimer, the composer of “It’s Alright” by East 17, is an incredibly talented musician known for his exceptional songwriting skills. As a founding member of the band, he played a crucial role in penning some of their most popular hits. Mortimer’s prowess as a composer is evident in other notable tracks such as “Stay Another Day,” a beautiful ballad that topped the UK charts in 1994, and “House of Love,” which gained immense popularity for its catchy melody and powerful lyrics. Adept at creating both upbeat tunes and emotionally charged ballads, Tony Mortimer’s contributions to East 17’s discography are nothing short of impressive, proving that his musical talent is as versatile as it is exceptional.

Awards, Accolades, and Appearances

East 17’s “It’s Alright” cements its status as a quintessential 90s hit with chart success, media appearances, and inspiring covers across genres.

“It’s Alright” by East 17 has enjoyed significant recognition and success since its release. The song peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart and held that position for two weeks. It became one of the band’s most well-known and beloved tracks, earning a Silver certification from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for sales exceeding 200,000 units. Its high energy and infectious chorus made it a hit at clubs and parties, a testament to its lasting appeal.

Throughout the years, “It’s Alright” has found its way into various media. The song made an appearance in the 1993 British comedy film “Loaded,” directed by Anna Campion, where it served as part of the film’s energetic soundtrack. Moreover, it was featured in a 2018 episode of the popular British TV series “Cold Feet,” showcasing its continued relevance and nostalgic value.

In addition to its appearances in film and television, “It’s Alright” has been included in several compilation albums, such as the 1995 release “Now That’s What I Call Music! 30” and the 2011 release “Now That’s What I Call Music! 80.” This exposure has helped the track reach new audiences and maintain its status as a classic hit of the 90s.

Over the years, several artists have been inspired to create their renditions of “It’s Alright.” Some notable examples include the 2008 cover by Australian singer Dannii Minogue, which added a modern dance-pop spin to the track, and the 2012 version by English singer-songwriter Matt Cardle, who gave it a soulful, acoustic touch. These covers demonstrate the versatility and timelessness of the song, with each artist offering unique interpretations while still capturing the essence of the original.

As “It’s Alright” continues to resonate with listeners both old and new, its legacy as a quintessential 90s hit is solidified. Whether through its awards and accolades, memorable appearances in film and television, or inspiring popular cover versions, this East 17 classic truly is alright.

Diving into the Musicality of the Track

“It’s Alright” by East 17 is a pop masterpiece that showcases the band’s knack for crafting infectious tunes. The song is written in the key of B minor, which is commonly associated with a melancholic and introspective atmosphere. This tonality allows the track to strike a balance between its upbeat tempo and its more somber undertones.

The song begins with a catchy, syncopated synth riff that sets the tone for the entire track. This riff is then joined by an energetic kick drum, which propels the song forward and establishes its driving tempo. The tempo of “It’s Alright” is approximately 104 beats per minute (BPM), making it a perfect track for listeners to dance or groove along to.

As the song progresses, East 17 employs a rich and varied harmonic structure, utilizing a number of different chords and progressions. The primary chord progression in the verses consists of Bm – G – D – A, while the chorus features a slight variation with Bm – G – A – D. This alternating structure helps to keep the listener engaged and maintains a sense of forward momentum throughout the track.

One of the standout features of “It’s Alright” is its use of dynamic contrasts. The verses feature a more stripped-down arrangement, with the vocals and synth riff taking center stage. As we transition into the chorus, additional layers of instrumentation are introduced, including a powerful bass line and lush backing vocals. These contrasts serve to heighten the emotional impact of the song, drawing listeners in and keeping them hooked from start to finish.

In addition to its catchy melody and harmonies, “It’s Alright” also boasts impressive rhythmic complexity. Syncopation is used throughout the track, with the drums and bass often playing offbeat accents that give the song a distinctive, infectious groove. This rhythmic interplay adds to the song’s overall energy and contributes to its undeniable danceability.

In conclusion, “It’s Alright” by East 17 is a masterclass in pop songwriting, featuring a perfect blend of catchy hooks, engaging harmonies, and dynamic contrasts. Its infectious tempo and expertly crafted musical structure make it a standout track in the band’s catalog and a favorite among fans of the genre.