Journey to Patience: An In-Depth Exploration of “Patiently”

Journey | Patiently

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The Timeless Charm of Journey’s Early Days

“Discover the hidden gem of Journey’s early days – the 1978 ballad ‘Patiently,’ a testament to the band’s versatility, raw talent, and harmonious songwriting that defined a new era in arena rock.”

Formed in 1973 in San Francisco, Journey is an American rock band that has become a cornerstone in the world of classic rock over the past four decades. With their fusion of progressive rock, blues, and jazz, Journey crafted a unique sound that dealt with themes of love and life, resonating with audiences across the globe.

In this post, we will dive deep into the band’s lesser-explored treasure trove: the 1978 ballad “Patiently,” which beautifully showcases the band’s versatility and raw talent. Written by lead guitarist Neal Schon and new lead vocalist Steve Perry, “Patiently” is an exquisite testament to the pair’s harmonious and dynamic songwriting partnership, which propelled Journey to international fame.

“Patiently” was the first song that Perry and Schon wrote together and was featured on the band’s fourth studio album, Infinity. This album marked a turning point for Journey as Perry’s emotive vocal range and Schon’s evocative guitar melodies blended perfectly, adding a fresh layer to the band’s existing soundscape. The song’s raw, emotional lyrics – penned by Perry – combined with Schon’s intricate guitar chords, proved to be a winning formula for the band, as they transitioned from their earlier jazz fusion roots to a more radio-friendly sound.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Journey’s shift in musical direction wasn’t without its detractors. Several critics and fans of the band’s earlier work were not particularly fond of the transition to a more mainstream sound, accusing the band of “selling out” and sacrificing their artistic integrity in the process. Despite these criticisms, one cannot deny the significant impact Journey’s evolving sound had on the music industry, particularly in the realm of arena rock.

Throughout their career, Journey has undergone various lineup changes, but the core members – Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Jonathan Cain, and Steve Smith – have remained constant pillars at different points in time. While Steve Perry eventually left the band in 1998, his contributions to Journey’s legacy, particularly in songs like “Patiently,” remain an integral part of the band’s history.

With numerous accolades under their belt, including 19 Top 40 singles, 25 Gold and Platinum albums, and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, Journey’s contributions to rock music are undeniable. Though “Patiently” may not have been the commercial success that other Journey hits like “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Open Arms” experienced, it remains an essential piece of the band’s discography that showcases their ability to craft deeply emotive and powerful rock ballads.

Charting the Course of “Patiently”

“Patiently” – Journey’s unsung hero, harmoniously blending Perry & Schon’s creative prowess, transcending charts to etch its mark on the band’s legacy.

Upon its release on February 1, 1978, “Patiently” from Journey’s fourth studio album, “Infinity,” marked a new chapter for the band. Although it wasn’t released as a single, the song holds a significant place in the band’s history and discography. Being the first song co-written by Steve Perry and Neal Schon, “Patiently” serves as a perfect illustration of the creative synergy between these two iconic musicians.

Despite not being released as a single, “Patiently” has managed to earn its fair share of attention and recognition over the years. As a deep cut from the “Infinity” album, the song enjoyed its time in the spotlight alongside the album’s chart-topping hits, such as “Wheel in the Sky” and “Lights.” The album itself managed to reach an impressive peak position of No. 21 on the Billboard 200 chart and was certified 3x Platinum by the RIAA, indicating strong sales and a lasting legacy.

“Patiently,” with its heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies, has been a fan favorite since its inception. While the song did not achieve chart success on its own merits, it has undoubtedly contributed to the overall impact of the “Infinity” album and Journey’s meteoric rise to stardom.

In live performances, “Patiently” has found its way onto Journey’s setlists throughout their career. The emotional resonance of the song continues to captivate long-time fans and newcomers alike, proving that chart positions aren’t always the ultimate measure of a song’s significance or staying power.

While the absence of a chart position for “Patiently” might be perceived as a shortcoming, it is worth noting that the critical acclaim and fan appreciation for this song have solidified its status as an integral part of Journey’s enduring legacy.

Delving Into the Lyrical Depths of “Patiently”

Here I stand so patiently
For your lights to shine on me
For your song inside of me
This we bring to you
In the shadow of love
Time goes by leaving me helpless
Just to reach and try
To live my life
These are my reasons, so
Here we stand so patiently
For your song inside of me
For your lights to shine on me
This we bring to you
One, one, in a million

The lyrics of “Patiently” by Journey, written by Steve Perry and Neal Schon, encapsulate the yearning for love and understanding during the late 1970s. This period saw an increasing focus on the individual’s pursuit of happiness and self-discovery, which is reflected in the lyrics. As the song was released in 1978, the United States was emerging from the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal, both events that had shaken the nation’s morale. Music, therefore, became an avenue for solace and connection.

“Patiently” speaks to the desire for a deeper connection with someone, both emotionally and spiritually. The lyrics express the protagonist’s willingness to wait for the right person, as seen in the lines “Here I stand so patiently / For your lights to shine on me / For your song inside of me.” The song delves into the emotion of vulnerability, which was a significant aspect of the era’s personal relationships.

The phrase “In the shadow of love” further emphasizes the uncertainty and the fragility of love, while “Time goes by leaving me helpless / Just to reach and try / To live my life” connects with the existential struggle faced by many during this period. Despite the challenges, the protagonist remains hopeful, as seen in the lyrics “These are my reasons, so / Here we stand so patiently.”

Overall, Journey’s “Patiently” serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the pursuit of love and connection during a time of social and political upheaval. The song’s lyrics capture the essence of an era marked by uncertainty and introspection, offering listeners a timeless message of hope and patience in the face of adversity.

A Visual Journey: The Music Video for “Patiently”

Fan-fueled visuals: Journey’s “Patiently” ignites creative expressions, showcasing timeless connection and band evolution.

Although Journey’s “Patiently” never received an official music video, fans have come together to create their own visual accompaniments to the song, showcasing their love for the band and highlighting the track’s emotive resonance. “Patiently” was originally released as part of Journey’s fourth studio album, “Infinity” in 1978, and over the years, the song has become a fan favorite, even without the promotional boost of an official music video.

One popular fan-made video uploaded to YouTube features a montage of various live performances of “Patiently” from different eras of Journey’s career. This compilation effectively showcases the band’s evolution, as well as the consistent emotional power of the song, regardless of the lineup or period. The video also highlights the personal connection between Journey and their fans, as the lyrics of “Patiently” seem to resonate deeply with many.

Another notable fan video is a tribute to the band’s legendary lead vocalist, Steve Perry. This video combines clips from various performances and interviews with Perry, celebrating his significant contribution to Journey’s sound and success. By using “Patiently” as the soundtrack, this fan video emphasizes the enduring impact of Perry’s vocals on the song and reinforces the connection between the band and its audience.

In the absence of an official music video, the creative efforts of Journey’s dedicated fans have breathed life into “Patiently” and given it a visual dimension that complements the raw emotion of the track. These fan-made videos stand as a testament to the power of music to inspire and bring people together, and the enduring appeal of Journey’s timeless sound.

The Man Behind “Patiently” and Other Journey Gems

Jonathan Cain, the talented composer and keyboardist of Journey, is the creative force behind the poignant song “Patiently.” Beyond this heartfelt hit, Cain has penned a plethora of unforgettable tunes throughout his noteworthy career in the band. Among his most remarkable compositions are the anthemic “Don’t Stop Believin'”, the soul-stirring “Faithfully,” and the emotionally charged “Open Arms.” Cain’s songwriting prowess extends beyond Journey, as he contributed to the 1984 power ballad “Send Her My Love” and co-wrote the iconic “Who’s Crying Now” with lead vocalist Steve Perry. Jonathan Cain’s genius for crafting memorable melodies and evocative lyrics has made him an indispensable member of Journey and a celebrated figure in the world of music.

A Song That Stood the Test of Time

Timeless Treasure: Journey’s “Patiently” captivates fans with its emotional depth, versatile adaptability, and nostalgic presence in pop culture.

Despite not being released as a single, “Patiently” has generated immense appreciation from fans and music enthusiasts alike. Co-written by Journey frontman Steve Perry and guitarist Neal Schon, this song beautifully showcases Perry’s soaring vocals and Schon’s evocative guitar work. Over the years, “Patiently” has received numerous accolades and acknowledgments for its timeless appeal and striking emotional depth.

“Patiently” has made its way into popular culture, featuring in various movies, TV shows, and video games. Notably, the song was part of the soundtrack for the hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things.” Set in the 1980s, the song serves as a fitting backdrop, encapsulating the nostalgia and atmosphere of the era. Additionally, the song has appeared in several tribute albums and video compilations dedicated to Journey’s extensive catalog, further solidifying its status as a fan favorite amongst the band’s repertoire.

Over the years, various artists have tried their hand at covering “Patiently.” These covers span a wide range of genres, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of the song’s composition. Indie-folk singer-songwriter José González released a hauntingly beautiful acoustic rendition of “Patiently,” while rock band Halestorm delivered a powerful and energetic cover that breathes new life into the song. The song’s enduring appeal has also led to it being a staple in Journey’s live performances, with fans eagerly awaiting and singing along to every word.

In terms of awards and recognition, “Patiently” has been acknowledged by numerous music publications and critics as a standout track in Journey’s discography. The song has been hailed as a testament to the band’s songwriting prowess and their ability to evoke raw emotion through their music. While it may not have the same commercial success as some of Journey’s other hits, “Patiently” has undoubtedly secured its place in the pantheon of beloved classic rock tracks.

Delving into the Musical Anatomy

“Patiently” showcases an incredible array of musical elements, which contributes to its timeless appeal. The song is written in the key of F major, known for its warm and expressive tonality. The chord progressions used in this song are fairly simple, yet they create a powerful and emotive musical landscape that perfectly complements the heartfelt lyrics. Journey has a knack for using just the right combination of chords to create an unforgettable melody.

The song begins with a gentle piano intro, playing a progression of F – Bb – C – F, setting the mood for the emotive journey ahead. The verses follow a similar progression, adding a bit of variation with a G minor chord thrown into the mix, giving the song a touch of melancholy. As we approach the chorus, the chords shift to Bb – C – F – Dm, creating a sense of anticipation and building up to the climactic moment.

In terms of tempo, “Patiently” sits at a comfortable 80 beats per minute (BPM), which is a moderate pace, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the song’s intricate musicality without feeling rushed. The slower tempo also lends itself well to the song’s introspective theme, giving the listener time to reflect on the lyrics.

The instrumentation used in “Patiently” is a perfect blend of piano, guitars, bass, and drums, which create a lush and full-bodied sound. The use of electric guitars, in particular, adds an extra layer of depth and expression that is characteristic of Journey’s signature sound. The guitar solo, played by the talented Neal Schon, is a standout moment in the song, showcasing his virtuosic skills and the band’s ability to blend technical prowess with emotional depth.

Another notable aspect of “Patiently” is the impeccable vocal performance by Steve Perry, who is known for his incredible vocal range and emotive delivery. His ability to convey the raw emotion of the lyrics is truly unparalleled, and his soaring vocals in the chorus add an extra layer of intensity that is impossible to ignore.

In conclusion, the musical structure of “Patiently” is a shining example of Journey’s ability to create a truly unforgettable song. The combination of emotive chord progressions, a moderate tempo, and masterful instrumentation, topped off with Steve Perry’s powerful vocals, all come together to form a song that is both technically impressive and emotionally resonant.