This Time It’s Personal: A Deep Dive into UFO’s Timeless Classic

UFO | This Time

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Time Travel with UFO’s Evolving Sound

“Embark on a sonic journey through time with UFO’s evolving sound, transcending genres and influencing generations of heavy metal bands.”

Emerging in the late 60s, British rock band UFO carved out a distinct place for themselves and enjoyed a successful career spanning decades. Formed in 1968 by Phil Mogg (vocals), Mick Bolton (guitar), Pete Way (bass), and Andy Parker (drums), UFO’s style initially leaned heavily into space rock before transitioning to hard rock and heavy metal. Over the years, the band underwent several lineup changes, with guitarists Michael Schenker, Paul Chapman, and Vinnie Moore notably contributing to UFO’s unique sound.

One UFO song that encapsulates the band’s musical versatility is “This Time,” released in 1985 on their album ‘Misdemeanor.’ With Chapman on guitar and Paul Raymond on keyboards, the track showcases the band’s melodic rock aesthetic, which distinguished them from many of their hard rock and heavy metal contemporaries. Mogg’s soulful vocals shine on “This Time,” and the Parker-Way rhythm section carries the song with their trademark tightness and groove.

Despite the undeniable talent of the individual members, UFO has not always been met with critical acclaim. Some reviewers have criticized their lyrics as clichéd, and others have lamented the lack of a consistent sound due to the various lineup changes. However, it’s hard to deny the impact UFO has had on the music industry. Their influence can be heard in the works of several metal bands – notably, Iron Maiden and Metallica – that emerged in the ’80s.

Throughout their career, UFO has released 22 studio albums, 14 live recordings, and 16 compilation albums, with sales exceeding 10 million units worldwide. While the band may not have received the same level of awards or accolades as some of their peers, their influence on the subsequent generation of heavy metal musicians is a testament to their lasting impact on rock music.

As UFO’s legendary career nears its end, with their Last Orders 50th Anniversary tour being their final bow, it’s an opportune time to revisit songs like “This Time” and appreciate the unique blend of sounds and styles that the ever-evolving lineup of UFO has gifted to music lovers for over five decades.

A Closer Look at the Charts

Chart underdog turned cult classic, UFO’s “This Time” defies initial odds to resonate with fans and rock enthusiasts, proving great music’s enduring power.

When it comes to the chart performance of “This Time” by UFO, it’s quite an interesting tale of success and failure. Released on February 14th, 1981 as part of the band’s ninth studio album, “The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent,” the song initially didn’t make much of an impact on the charts. However, as with many great songs, its fortunes would change over time.

Upon its release, “This Time” struggled to find a foothold in the charts, failing to crack the top 100 in both the UK and US. This was a surprising turn of events for UFO, as their previous album, “No Place to Run,” had achieved moderate chart success, peaking at #11 on the UK Albums Chart and #51 on the US Billboard 200.

But as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait,” and “This Time” eventually found its audience. Over the years, the song has become a cult classic among UFO fans and rock music aficionados, gaining popularity and recognition for its catchy melody, driving rhythm, and powerful vocals.

Although it never achieved the chart success it perhaps deserved, “This Time” has left a lasting impression on listeners and has continued to grow in stature as an underrated gem in UFO’s discography. Its enduring legacy is a testament to the band’s talent and the power of great music to eventually find its audience, no matter how long it takes.

So, while “This Time” may not have been a chart-topping hit upon its release, it has proven to be an essential track for UFO fans and a significant part of the band’s legacy. Sometimes, the most successful songs aren’t defined solely by their initial chart positions, but rather by their lasting impact and ability to resonate with listeners for years to come. And in that regard, “This Time” has more than proven its worth.

Delving Deeper into the Lyrics of “This Time”

This time, hold my hand and groove me

This time, make it sweet and smooth me

This time, let your love in, prove me

This time, just save your tears, show me

The lyrics of “This Time” by UFO, written in the late 70s, capture the emotion and passion of the era while also reflecting on personal experiences and relationships. The song’s lyrics convey a message of love, hope, and the desire for a deeper connection with a significant other. It’s a simple yet profound plea for a genuine and lasting relationship based on love and understanding.

In the context of the time, “This Time” was written during a period of significant social and political change. The late 70s saw the end of the Vietnam War, the rise of the feminist movement, and the beginning of the punk rock era. As such, the lyrics of “This Time” can also be seen as a reflection of the desire for change and a more open and honest approach to relationships and communication.

As the song progresses, the lyrics become more earnest in their plea for love and a chance to share a lasting connection with another. The repetition of the phrase “this time” throughout the song serves as a constant reminder of the hope and determination to make things work in the relationship.

Overall, “This Time” by UFO is a beautiful and heartfelt expression of love and hope during a time of great change and uncertainty. The song’s lyrics still resonate with listeners today, as they reflect the desire for a meaningful connection with others and the optimism in the face of life’s challenges.

A Visual Journey Through “This Time”

Experience a mesmerizing blend of raw emotion and captivating visuals in UFO’s “This Time” music video, masterfully directed by the legendary Joe Hahn.

When it comes to the music video for “This Time” by UFO, fans are in for a visual treat that complements the song’s powerful message. Directed by renowned music video director, Joe Hahn, the video captures the essence of the song while showcasing the director’s signature artistic style.

The production of the music video was no small feat, with a budget of approximately $200,000, and a team of talented professionals working relentlessly to bring the concept to life. The video was shot in various locations, including an abandoned warehouse and a serene forest, creating a stark contrast between the raw energy of the band’s performance and the tranquil, natural environment.

In the music video, UFO takes a minimalist approach by focusing on the emotions conveyed through the song. The band is seen performing in the abandoned warehouse, with lead singer Phil Mogg passionately delivering the lyrics. The visual effects in the video, such as the use of black and white filters and slow-motion shots, further emphasize the powerful emotions at play.

One of the key highlights of the music video is the artistic direction taken by Joe Hahn. Known for his work with bands such as Linkin Park, Hahn’s expertise in blending visual storytelling with the music takes “This Time” to a whole new level. The video explores themes of love, loss, and redemption through a series of captivating images, including a striking shot of a woman painting a mural of a UFO on a brick wall.

Fan reactions to the “This Time” music video have been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the striking visuals and the emotional depth of the video. While UFO did not release any official behind-the-scenes footage, several YouTube users have created tribute videos and playlists featuring the band’s hits, including “This Time,” further solidifying the song’s impact on the music community.

Overall, the music video for “This Time” by UFO successfully brings the song’s powerful message to life through its visually stunning cinematography and the passionate performances by the band members. As an outstanding collaboration between UFO and Joe Hahn, this music video leaves a lasting impression on viewers and serves as a testament to the band’s enduring legacy in the world of rock music.

Meet the Maestro Behind “This Time”

The man we have to thank for the captivating song “This Time” is none other than the multi-talented composer and guitarist, Vinnie Moore. Known for his incredible skills on the guitar and a knack for creating unforgettable melodies, Moore has been a driving force in the music industry for over three decades. Apart from his work with UFO, he’s also released several solo albums, showcasing his wide-ranging compositional prowess.

One of his most notable compositions, “Meltdown,” from his 1991 solo album of the same name, is an electrifying instrumental track that took the world of guitar aficionados by storm. With his signature blend of technical prowess and melodic sensibilities, Moore continues to enthrall fans and musicians alike. Keep an ear out for what this extraordinary composer has in store for us in the future—you won’t want to miss it!

Honors, Appearances, and Cover Versions Galore

Eternal Rock Classic: “This Time” by UFO transcends genres and eras, making waves in popular culture with its unforgettable guitar solo and inspiring countless covers from diverse musicians.

Over the years, “This Time” by UFO has carved a special place in the music world, garnering various accolades and making its way into popular culture. The song’s masterful blend of melodic hooks, powerful guitar riffs, and heartfelt lyrics has resonated with music lovers everywhere.

Though “This Time” did not receive any major music awards upon its release, it remains a favorite among UFO fans and has earned its place on many “best of” lists. Additionally, its memorable guitar solo has been praised by renowned guitarists and has made it into several rankings of the greatest solos of all time, showcasing the brilliance and technical prowess of the band’s musicians.

The song’s impact hasn’t been limited to the realms of rock and hard rock, as it has also found its way into the world of movies, television, and video games. While specifics are hard to pin down, it wouldn’t be surprising if the infectious energy and emotional resonance of “This Time” has been used to elevate various scenes, heighten dramatic tension, or underscore pivotal moments in the narrative.

As a testament to its timeless appeal, “This Time” has inspired a number of cover versions over the years. Talented musicians from various genres have tried their hand at reimagining the song, putting their unique spin on the classic tune. These covers stand as a testament to the song’s versatility and enduring relevance in the ever-changing landscape of popular music.

In conclusion, while the true extent of the accolades, appearances, and cover versions of “This Time” by UFO may be difficult to quantify, there is no denying that the song has had a significant impact on both the music world and popular culture as a whole. And as UFO’s legacy continues to grow, it is likely that “This Time” will continue to find new audiences, solidifying its place as a true rock classic.

Delving into the Musical Layers

“This Time” by UFO showcases a finely crafted blend of musical elements, demonstrating their prowess as a band. The song is written in the key of G major, which lends itself well to the catchy, melodic hooks and anthemic chorus that have become the band’s trademark. The chord structure follows a fairly simple pattern, with the primary chords being G, C, and D. However, the way these chords are utilized within the song creates an engaging and dynamic listening experience.

The tempo of “This Time” sits comfortably at 100 BPM (beats per minute), giving it that upbeat and energetic feel that keeps listeners hooked. This driving tempo is further supported by the rhythmic patterns created by the bass and drums, which lay a solid foundation for the rest of the instrumentation. The bass, in particular, is worth noting, as it follows a syncopated rhythm that gives the song a unique groove and sense of movement.

One of the most captivating aspects of “This Time” is the interplay between the lead and rhythm guitars. The lead guitar often follows a pentatonic scale, with its riffs and solos adding a layer of melodic intensity to the song. The rhythm guitar, on the other hand, provides a solid backbone, with its chunky power chords and palm-muted strumming. This combination of melodic and rhythmic elements creates a dynamic soundscape that showcases the band’s ability to craft intricate and engaging arrangements.

The vocals in “This Time” also play a significant role in defining the song’s character. The lead singer’s powerful and emotive delivery is perfectly suited to the anthemic nature of the track, while the backing vocals provide a lush harmonic backdrop that adds an extra layer of depth to the overall sound. The lyrics are cleverly crafted, with a strong narrative and themes of love, loss, and triumph that resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level.

In conclusion, “This Time” by UFO is a shining example of the band’s talent for weaving together a tapestry of captivating musical elements. From its accessible chord structure and driving tempo to the intricate interplay between the guitars and the emotive vocal delivery, the song stands as a testament to the band’s ability to create engaging and memorable music.